Wasp Smoke Grenade (Packing = 20 pcs.)

Wasp Smoke Grenade (Packing = 20 pcs.)
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Item Description:
WASP smoke grenades can be used for use in paintball and airsoft as well as for police and military exercises.
They are easily triggered by tearing starting and then thrown. After a short shutter delay of 3-5 seconds a very thick white smoke starts.

The smoke bombs have an environmentally friendly Pappgeh?use (diameter: 53mm / height 105mm). The non toxic smoke exits the housing through six holes and does not irritate eyes or respiratory organs. No increased fire hazards caused by low external heating.

The smoke grenade with BAM approval
(BAM-Nr.: BAM-P1-0376) is very reliable, easy to use and weatherproof.

Diameter: 53 mm
Length: 102 mm
Weight: 116 g
Smoke Color: White
Smoke: 40-50 seconds